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Grade-a-Trade: Travis Snider for Brad Lincoln

| July 31, 2012 | 1 Comment

Travis Snider - PiratesLast night, the Pirates traded away perennial prospect Brad Lincoln to the Blue Jays for perennial prospect Travis Snider.   This trade deals away a position of strength in pitching, specifically relief pitching since that is where Lincoln contributed the most for the Pirates, and brings in left handed power and a corner outfielder in Snider.  Initial reaction from the fans is mixed, with many people wanting to hold on to Lincoln but many people excited about the potential of Snider.  Snider is young still, and has many years of control still for the Pirates.  Lincoln has been projected as a potential future closer, though I’m not sure I buy into that all that much either.   I think teams still look at Lincoln as a starting pitcher, though he did not have great success in that role in Pittsburgh.  But Neal Huntington has always been able to build a bullpen, so there is no reason to doubt that this can not continue without Lincoln on the roster.

Snider brings a nice potential corner outfield bat to repeatedly bang balls off of and over the Clemente Wall in right field.  Whether or not that plays out remains to be seen, but I really like this deal.   I like it better in the offseason and not in the midst of a playoff race, but I like it nonetheless.

Because both of these players and young and have not really contributed a lot to the Pirates or Blue Jays yet, it is tough to give an accurate grade initially.  This is one that will definitely have an updated grade in another year or two or longer.   But initially, I will give this deal a B- as it intends to address the left handed power gap that the team has needed to fill for quite some time.


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