Traded Jim Negrych to Marlins for Carlos Paulino – March 31, 2011

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The first trade we’re going to dig into is probably a very insignificant one.  But in the interest of starting with the most recent trades and working our way backwards, this deal leads us off.

Pirates Trade Infielder Jim Negrych to Florida Marlins for Catcher Carlos Paulino

Jim Negrych was a solid hitter and contributor in the minor leagues for the Pirates, putting up a .295 average in Indianapolis in 2010 after splitting time between Indy and Altoona, but showing no real power, and at 25, was not really seen as much of a prospect any longer.  In 2011, Negrych did not want to be sent down to AA and become roster filler, so he requested a trade and a change of scenery from the Pirates.   The Pirates then dealt him to the Florida Marlins organization, where he was promptly sent to their… wait for it… AA team in Jacksonville.   He is hitting about as expected, .305 with no power and at 26 now, not much probability of making his way to the majors anytime soon.  I always liked Jim Negrych for some reason, and thought he might be a really good pinch hitter on a big league club.   He’s never had a big league at bat, but I do hope that he gets the chance to do so at some point in his career.  He’s not star material, but I could see him eventually being a decent singles hitting, role filling, utility guy for somebody.

The Pirates return in that trade, Carlos Paulino, is a 21 year old playing in Bradenton right now for the A league Marauders. hitting .259 through 15 games.  Considering he’s a guy that hit under .200 in 2010 for two different teams in the Marlins organization, this could be seen as progress.  He has thrown out 3 of 11 runners this season, so without knowing much about him, he seems to be at least decent in that category.  Whether or not he turns into a realistic prospect or not won’t be known for quite a while though, so the jury will have to remain out on this trade for quite some time.

I’d tend to think that age-wise, having a 21 year old catcher in the organization is a good thing.  But people know what you are likely getting with Negrych.  At this point in time, May 26, 2011, I’d have to say that Florida gets the edge in this one.   Unless and until Paulino turns into any sort of prospect, I’d have to think that Negrych, while not likely to even get to the bigs, is probably a better player to have in the organization.


Current Outcome:   SLIGHT LOSS

Impact:  LOW

Initial Grade-A-Trade Score:   C-

I grade this deal a C- at this time, mostly because of its lack of impact to the organization.  We didn’t give up much, and didn’t get much in return.  Not a terrible trade by any means, but this trade will have to be revisted at the end of the 2011 season, and likely again at the end of the 2012 and maybe 2013 seasons to see if the grade changes in time.  It seems this trade was done mostly to give Negrych a change in scenery and a chance with a different organization as the Pirates clearly did not see a future for him in Pittsburgh at any point.


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