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So yes, the plan was to kick off the site on Opening Day this year, and yes, I’ve seen every single Pirates game that has been played this year. Writing about them as planned, however, has been a different story.  Lots of excuses (work, taxes, kid’s 16th b-day, etc) but no real excuses.  I have been working on some things like the Grade-A-Trade software, which I think will be pretty cool once I get the material on it.

So to recap the Pirates game tonight, and strangely, what seems like the entire season…   We got pretty good pitching, not much hitting, and shaky defense and mental errors when the game was on the line.  Charlie Morton was outstanding for the third time in four starts, and he is now probably the leading candidate to be our All Star representative.  From a guy that many didn’t think even deserved to be in the pitching rotation.

Tonight, we lost to San Francisco in extra innings because they played the way we want to play.  Well, Darren Ford anyway.  Dude is fast.  Crazy fast.  But he was also helped by Neil Walker making a casual throw to first when he should have been more sharp, allowing Ford to essentially steal home on Walker’s throw to first.   Of course, Ford was on third because Joel Hanrahan’s pickoff attempt while Ford was on first base went into right field.  Ford also used his wheels to get into scoring position for the tying run as well as the winning run.  He basically manufactured two runs all by himself.

The ironic thing is that this is how we want to play.  And perhaps the Pirates would create some havoc on the bases if only they could get on base.  Andrew McCutchen has done virtually nothing outside of two or three games this year.  Pedro Alvarez has done nothing so far.  Ronny Cedeno is flat out horrible. Neil Walker and Jose Tabata have struggled after hot starts. Lyle Overbay has 1 HR.  Ryan Doumit has hit like 80 fly balls to center field and has not done much else.

So here is the deal.  I will officially kick off this blog site tomorrow, and the Pirates will start hitting the same day.  Sounds like a fair trade to me.


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