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| February 21, 2011 | 2 Comments

Well, after always thinking about doing something like this, I decided to take the plunge and start the GoBuccos.com blog, about all things Pittsburgh Pirates.   As a lifelong and long suffering Pirates fan, I hope that I have some good things to share with one of the most passionate fan bases in the world.  I’ll keep this message simple and just leave it as a hello.  For hope springs eternal, and this Pirate fan is excited for the season to begin.  Sure, the Buccos always have me excited this time of year, and after 18 straight losing seasons, fans must take a wait and see approach with this team, and more specifically, the ownership and front office.  But for the first time in 18 years, there is some excitement that a few pieces may be in place.  So wait and see it is, and with a new blog to help you pass the time waiting. 

Welcome, and I look forward to building this community with you.

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Joe Rozsa is an e-commerce strategist and a lifelong Pittsburgh Pirates fan, is married and has two daughters. He schedules work travel around Pirates road trips, so he gets to take in many Pirates games from many different places. Joe launched this site as a way to turn his passion for the Pirates into something hopefully useful and entertaining to fellow PIrates fans. Go Buccos!

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  1. tomp says:

    I too am a lifelong Pirate fan(since 1971). I live in st pete florida, and i plan on attending a few spring training games , beginning with Tampa on sunday.
    I will try to provide some insight and how i am viewing the progress of the team, throughout march, leading up to the 2011 season.
    I hope this blog takes off, and is much more user/ reader friendly than the 1 sponsored by a major pittsburgh news paper.
    I hope to read and respond to some constructive Pirate related banter.

    • JoeBucco says:

      Hello Tom,
      Thanks for the comment – you are the first one ever to comment here! Forever in the GoBuccos.com Hall of Fame now.

      Of course I know you from the PBC blog, and once we get around to opening up for some other writers, I’ll let you know.

      Thanks again,

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