Joe Rozsa

Joe Rozsa

Hello everyone.  My name is Joe Rozsa, aka JoeBucco, and I am a lifelong Pittsburgh Pirates fan.  I’m also an e-commerce professional with 16 years of web experience working with some of the largest and coolest companies in the world.   So a goal of mine has always been to combine two of my favorite things, outside of my family, and launch my own Pittsburgh Pirates blog.

I’m a reader of many of the blogs that are out there now, and I am a fan of many.   But I feel like there is room for something different, and that is what I am trying to bring to the table.  I believe in the shift to new media, and though there will always be a place for newspapers that adapt to new media (Dejan Kovacevic is one of the best, I might add), there is room for sites like mine to fit in and be successful in many areas.

I want to fill the role more of a magazine.  Player interviews, feel good stories, and other things to really help build the bond between Pirate fans and the team.  With the advent of social media tools such as Twitter, fans get a much more personal relationship, even if one-way, to so many professional athletes and players now, and that relationship is really going to grow the sport and the fan base.  I want my site to help make that bond even stronger.   I’m planning on having player interviews on a “get to know you” basis, learning about players on and off the field.  What they are all about outside the lines.

I also want my site to be a source of information for other fans.   I’d love to have a single place to go back and look up who we gave up in a certain trade 4 years ago and how that player and trade ultimately turned out.   Or a way to figure out how a certain Bucco ended up in our organization.   We’ll write about games as they happen, and individual performances of course.  But we’re going to try to stay away from the “If I were the GM, I’d be trading for <blank>”.

So I am sure the site will evolve.  It will only be as useful as the people that visit will want it to be.   It will absolutely NOT be a place for nagativity or bashing, of the players, of the team, or of other users.   That being said, if we re-sign Derek Bell and he calls for Operation Shutdown, we’ll be fine in calling that out.  But we’re not here to rip this player or that player.  There are plenty of other places for that negativity to go.  We’re here because we love baseball, and we love the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Raise it!

JoeBucco  (aka Joe Rozsa)