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Joe RozsaThe goal of GoBuccos.com is to be a source of fun for Pirates fans.  We’ll talk plenty of baseball, and also focus on some of the lighter side of Pirates baseball, including interviews with some key Pirates personnel, staff, and players.

Mostly, I want this blog to be what I always wanted to read about as a kid.  I wanted to know more about the game, more about the players, and more about the team.  I didn’t care if the players were Hall of Famers, or Cup of Coffee guys.  It’s about the game, and it’s about the Pirates.  So you won’t hear me calling for a new GM, or certain players to get released because he’s in a slump.  Sure, I have opinions, but for the most part, this blog is meant as a source of enjoyment and entertainment for fellow Pirates fans.  Because we’ve had losing seasons for 19 straight years, but we still deep down inside that this could be the year we take the N.L. Central (hey, no Pujols or Prince, why not us?).

We’ll also soon feature a video blog maybe once a week or so to talk about Pirates baseball as well, and we’ll try to bring you some fans perspective and insight that you just can’t get anywhere else.  We’ll also likely offer our fellow Pirates fans news and information on Pirate related deals that we can pass along, whether it is a promo code to save you money on some Bucco gear from Kohls, perhaps ticket deals from the team, or even every now and then an actual product that I’ve acquired at a good deal and want to pass along to other fans.

Most importantly, this site is run by a Pirates fan, and is built for fellow Pirates fans.  So I hope that you participate and help get this thing off the ground, and keep me motivated to keep it going as well.  Comments on the articles are both appreciated and highly moderated.  It’s a site that will be suitable for my kids to read, so comments will be approved based on that criteria alone.  We’ll be holding regular opprtunities to raise money for Pirates Charities as well (and no, I am in no way affiliated with the Pirates or Pirates Charities – just trying to use this outlet to pay it forward a little bit).

So, thanks for visiting the site, and I hope you come back often.  Go Buccos!

-Joe Rozsa


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