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Re-Launch, This Time for Real

| January 27, 2012 | 0 Comments

ok, so we dabbled with launching this site last year, and came up with more ideas than we had time.  But this year, I decided to give it the attention that it deserves, and I hope that it becomes a source of interest and community for Bucco fans around the world.  For those of you that I know well on the various Pirate blogs, welcome from JoeBucco.

Although the official launch date will be in mid-February coinciding with the opening of spring training, you will find some things coming together in the weeks before that.   I’m working on getting the Grade A Trade completed and updated, and coming up with a couple of ideas for interviews and stories for the upcoming season.    I think what I have in mind could make this a pretty interesting place, but only time and participation will determine that.

But for those that have visited this site in the past six months, it has been frozen in time in a happy place.  With the Pirates in 1st place in July.  I’ve been somewhat happy to keep it that way.  Can this year’s team provide or even surpass the same level of excitement in Pittsburgh?  Time will tell in that case as well.

So until pitchers and catchers report, Go Buccos!